The Custom Workplace Deck


Show your company pride and say goodbye to forced workplace small talk with the No Wrong Answers Custom Workplace Deck!

No need to circle back or boil the ocean - The Custom Workplace Deck is an easy and fun way to invest in your team, your clients, and your unique company culture.

Each deck starts with 32 question prompt cards written by comedians and crafted to kick off fun, creative, and work-appropriate conversations. Then, submit your branding and info about your company culture, and we’ll customize your decks to look and sound like you!

Perfect for:

  • Employee appreciation gifts (holiday gifts, retreats, etc.)
  • Onboarding swag for new hires
  • Spicing up client meeting icebreakers
  • Creative warmups for big brainstorms
  • Changing social time from “forced fun” to actual fun (because no one wants to talk about work at a Friday virtual happy hour…)

Some sample questions:

  • Could your team successfully pull off a heist? Why or why not, and what's everyone's role?
  • Quick, [YOUR COMPANY] needs a new mascot. What is it, and what's their catchphrase?

Please allow 4+ weeks for custom orders to be designed and printed.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 decks

Need 200+ decks? We've got you covered! Email us at hello (at) nowronganswersgame (dot) com to get a quote for a custom bulk order.