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Unique & Fun Conversations

No Wrong Answers is a card game where friends and family ask life’s least-pressing and most important questions. Created by comedians and the hosts of Being Earnest (a very sincere podcast), laugh along while you answer questions you've definitely never answered before.

No more awkward small talk

Don’t want to talk about the weather, politics, or the pandemic? Us either. Why not debate which cereal mascot would be the best kisser or what you’d eat if your teeth were indestructible instead? There's 73 positive question prompts and truly No Wrong Answers! (See what we did there?)

Where to Use No Wrong Answers

Feature title

Talking to person? So weird! Use No Wrong Answers as a conversation starter or as a drinking game!

Awkward Zoom Calls

Happy hour not so happy? Bail yourself out with a fun and off-base question to get people talking and laughing.

First Dates

There's no better way to get to know your date than to ask them which word they'd remove from the dictionary.


Prime critical thinking skills with a creative prompt. All our questions are "PG" and great for young minds.

Bars, Salons & Shops

Pouring drinks or cutting hair is only part of your job. Have interesting, unique conversations with your clients!

A Supervillain's Lair

Stall for time while waiting for the hero to show up and rescue you

What People Are Saying

"It’s the perfect ice breaker game for zoom meetings, first dates, or any other hangout...virtual or physical!"

Gwen (Provo, UT)

"No Wrong Answers was the perfect addition to my family's quarantined Christmas party. It was nice to relax, read some hilarious questions and laugh through everyone's answers."

Deanna (Chicago, IL)

"After finishing a long client project, our work team had a lot of big feelings and awkward energy at our celebration happy hour. So we got out No Wrong Answers and there was a palpable shift in energy after just one question!"

Aji (Chicago, IL)

"As soon as we heard about No Wrong Answers, I knew I had to order it for the barbershop to play with all of our amazing clients. We have had a lot of fun and laughs and we can’t wait for more to come!"

Justine (Technical Director @ Tailor Barber Co.)