no wrong answers founders josh and paula

No Wrong Answers is the brainchild of Chicago-based comedians and podcasters, Paula Skaggs & Josh Linden. 

Like a lot of people, Paula and Josh's main creative outlet and community suddenly disappeared when the world shut down during the Coronavirus pandemic. As jobs and social life moved to Zoom, they pretty quickly got tired of talking about nothing but the weather and the pandemic and politics...and nothing else. 

So they turned their creative attention to making a card game called No Wrong Answers: Non-Burning Questions to Kick-Off Conversations. It’s a deck of PG-rated cards with 70+ of the least pressing, but most interesting questions to get people talking and laughing.

Paula and Josh are also the hosts of Being Earnest (a very sincere podcast).


Paula Skaggs is a writer, comedian and director in Chicago, the City of Pizzazz (nickname pending, but it has a real ring to it, right?). She's a Features Contributor to The Onion, and has been named part of the NBC Late Night Writer's Workshop, the NBC Scene Showcase and the New York Television Festival. Paula was formerly the Director and Executive Producer of iO's House Sketch Team Program and was a writer for the Chicago-based television series Hello! It's Hobert! Paula is also the creator of Paula Eats Lean Cuisines, a frozen meal review blog. paulakskaggs.com


Josh Linden is a Chicago-based comedian, performer, and producer. He is the Co-Host of the award-winning podcast Being Earnest (a very sincere podcast). He has performed at iO Theater, The Second City, CIC Theater, and The Chicago Improv Den. Josh has a degree in Medieval History, which is exactly as practical as it sounds. joshlinden.com