No Wrong Answers


Our best-selling original No Wrong Answers conversation cards single-handedly put an end to awkward small talk everywhere. That’s it! It’s over! You’re welcome, folks! Only fun conversations and laughter from here on out. 

Perfect for:

  • Happy hours where no one wants to talk
  • Family gatherings
  • Work events
  • First dates (because you can only talk about TV shows for so long)

Featuring 73 conversation prompts to get you talking and laughing about questions you never thought to ask.

Some sample questions:

  • Well it finally happened, you're the Piano Man. Which song are you singing us tonight?
  • Which cereal mascot would be the best kisser?
  • You just got accepted to Hogwarts! Why are you immediately expelled?

No Wrong Answers is recommended for all folks ages 12+


A portion of the proceeds go to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Created and Written by Paula Skaggs & Josh Linden
Design by
Taher Motiwalla

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Leela Singh
The perfect gift!

No Wrong Answers is both a delightful game AND the answer to every tricky gift conundrum: coworker secret snowflake gift exchanges, that last little perfect addition to a care package for your long distance bff, or a handy last-minute host gift for that new couple that invited you over to dinner and you want to seem cool/casual/fun in front of - No Wrong Answers is quite possibly the most giftable little game available! And it's so cute and pink and fun - how could not want to grab one to keep handy in your own home too?! I highly recommend, and writing this review has made me want to go grab my deck and a hard seltzer and some buddies! Trust me - just buy it. It's a little fizzy delight!

Jared Bellot

No Wrong Answers isn't just a game; it's the perfect way to meet new friends and make better friends with the people you already love! Each card unlocks doors to uproarious conversations and heartfelt moments. It is easy to pick up and endlessly fun to play - which makes it the ultimate tool for building connections of all kinds. Say goodbye to awkward small talk forever (boy byeeeeeee), and hello to lots of new memories and silly jokes!


Such a fun, simple, way to strike up interesting conversations! I bought it to share with family and guests for Thanksgiving, but my husband and I can’t stop playing.

Hilarious conversations you never knew you needed to have

I've played the game virtually and in person, and however it's done, it's always a great time. The conversations it sparks are so weird and unexpected. And some of the cards just make you crack up before you even start answering them. Such a relief to know I've got a trusty deck of fun questions to ask when I need to: avoid the same questions for the millionth time, abruptly change the subject, or just want to erupt in a fit of giggles. Can't wait to try the other versions!

The easiest gift to give

I LOVE this game. I have played it with my family (young cousins, grandparents, aunts & uncles) friends, and coworkers. It's the easiest gift to give - it's cute, fun, and entertaining. My favorite times I've played we might have only gotten through one or two cards because the conversation just flows so easily from breaking the ice with a goofy, sincere question. I love knowing that there are cards in the box I haven't even seen after playing so many times, that lets me know the game is endless fun!